Feature film: An Ignition Films and Artemis Films production

Marianne Faithfull is a rock icon – as well-known for her personal life as for her music. A pop-star at 17, a wife and mother at 18, she fell in love with Mick Jagger and lived a very public life as one of the “beautiful people” at the heart of London’s swinging sixties. Following the famous Redlands drugs bust in 1967, she scandalized public opinion when the News of the World reported that she had been dressed in nothing but a fur rug, and fabricated a story about Marianne, Mick and a Mars Bar. Having been the darling of the British press, she was now cruelly humiliated and reviled. She became a heroin addict, walked out on her relationship with Jagger and then spent the next two years living homeless on the streets of London’s seedy underbelly Soho. She eventually got her life back together and in 1979 released Broken English – an album that remains a rock classic. We explore those heady, febrile days when there was revolution in the air. Marianne’s personal odyssey closely reflects the passage of that decade - from the euphoria, optimism and feeling that "we can change the world" of the early 1960s, to ultimate darkness and betrayal.

Produced by Alison Sterling and Julia Taylor-Stanley
Written by Kevin Clarke, JT Knight
Director tbc