Finding Clive

FINDING CLIVE is a funny, warm and quirky film about modern romance, as seen through the eyes of life’s “undateables”.

Starring Shirley Henderson

When Mari, a forty-year-old autistic cleaner, finds out that her best friend Sanjay is getting married, she decides that the time has come for her to find a boyfriend. Mari already has a pin-up - a sexy dark-haired catalogue model that she calls Clive - and she wants her new boyfriend to be just like him. Wanting Mari to find happiness, Sanjay signs Mari up to a dating website: “Catalogue model required – must be called Clive.”

 As potential Clives respond, Mari embarks on a series of dates, each of them disastrous in its own special way – mostly because Mari always tells the truth, which is never a good policy on a first date. Sanjay, feeling protective towards Mari, turns up to keep an eye out, in case anything goes wrong.

 Things become complicated when Mari’s boss Phillip makes a pass at her, and Mari records the whole encounter on the digital camera which she carries everywhere. Phillip has to get that footage back (difficult) and keep Mari quiet (impossible!) before Mari’s truth-telling ruins his marriage to Hannah.

 Sanjay begins to realize that he is falling in love with Mari, but his mother and fiancée are definitely not going to let that happen. Will Phillip delete the footage? Will Hannah ever forgive him? Will Sanjay stand up to his mother? Will Mari ever find her Clive? Or will Mari and Sanjay finally realize that they are made for each other?