Other Shorts

In His Shoes

Daddy, first generation Hindu, respectable chiropodist, loving father, and obsessive fan of The Red Shoes, commits suicide by throwing himself off a cliff. The family descends into chaos. Estelle (15) chucks in the good-girl school uniform and goes out on the pull. The normally house-proud Mummy lets the house fall into squalor and Clifford starts sneaking into his mother’s wardrobe to try on her clothes. Clifford begins to find his identity and, when he comes across a packet of Estelle’s contraceptive pills, he starts to take them every day. Before long he has a proud new pair of breasts to call his own.

Colourful, contemporary, honest, tragic and very funny, Father’s Footsteps takes a wry look at modern sexual identity.

Written by Jane Pugh
Directed by Ornette Spenceley
Produced by Alison Sterling of Ignition Fillms, with funding from South West Screen and UK Films Council

Luke and the Void

It’s 1986, money is tight, Luke’s parents are fighting. Luke, a nine-year-old loner, is out of place at school, and only Jessie seems drawn to him. But Luke has a mission of his own. Outside, in his garden he is working on his escape plan.

Set during the weeks leading up to the Challenger space disaster, Luke & The Void is a stylised and cinematic short film which tells the poignant story of Luke’s escape from this world.

Written and directed by Matt Freeth
Produced by Alison Sterling with funding from UK Film Council and South West Screen

Skin Deep

Black corporal Charlie thinks his nightmares have become reality when racist Sergeant Hunter begins harassing him. Charlie and his mates think they have found a way to handle the situation. But events spiral out of control when new black recruit, Foster, intervenes with his own – more brutal – solution to the problem.

Short film

written by Terry Flaxton
directed by Patrick Miller and Terry Flaxton
Produced by Alison Sterling for ITV West.