Production Services

Bristol and the South West is a great region to shoot your film.   With talented and experienced crew and beautiful locations, you can find all your production needs here.


Thank you!   You worked ever so hard for us and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your efforts.  That was a tricky one all round but I know how happy everyone was with the way things went.  If we are lucky enough to visit Bristol again then we will give you a call.  And if anyone asks who they should speak to about getting help in the area we will give them an unreserved recommendation.  My thanks again & good luck with your next project.

Stephen Gash, QI Commercials

Feature Film: WE CAN BE HEROES

Production Company - Heroes Productions Ltd
Producer - Thomasina Gibson
Director - Claire Dpwnes
Line Producer - Alison Sterling, Ignition Films

Sainsbury's TV commercial with Jamie Oliver

Production Company - QI Commercials
Producer -  Stephen Gash 
Line Producer  - James Hatcher
Production Manager - Alison Sterling, Ignition Films


Nat West Bank commercial 

Production Company - Slingback
Line Producer - Bona Orakwue
Casting in South West, Wales and Midlands - Alison Sterling

River Monsters title sequence

Production Company - ManaMedia

Producer - Dani Kiwi Meier
Production Manager, Ignition Films - Alison Sterling and Anne Boyd

Walkers Crisps commercial with Charlotte Church and Gary Lineker

Production Company - Academy Films
Producer - Lizie Gower
Line Producer - Ali Buttle
Production Manager, Ignition Films - Alison Sterling