Southern Pacific

A mother and daughter road movie.

Lia - washed up singer, fresh out of rehab – is trying to get her life back on track.   Most of all she wants to rebuild her relationship with her teenage daughter Annie. And what better way to do it than with a road trip across the USA?  Lia is determined to turn over a new leaf and show Annie the best of America. But old habits die hard and there are a few little details she has "forgotten" to mention - like the presence of gun-toting rehab boyfriend Randy. 

It starts tense and gets a whole lot worse, but when Lia finds Randy coke-sniffing in a roadside truckstop, she realises the time has come to break loose.  She takes off with Randy's RV....but what she doesn't know is that there are two bricks of coke hidden under the spare tyre, and Randy is on a tight deadline to deliver in New Orleans.

Will Lia ever stop telling lies?  Will Randy find them and get his drugs back?   Can Lia and Annie make it to New Orleans without killing each other?